How to Tell a Really Good Story about Absolutely Anything in 4 Easy Steps

the only how-to book about using the power of story to make your life a little more awesome​

You want to get your spouse to stop leaving his socks on the floor, and nagging isn’t working. You want to get your staff to start using the new expense form, but the memo was ignored. How do you get to where you need to be?

How to Tell a Really Good Story about Absolutely Anything in 4 Easy Steps is a roadmap to getting your message across in an increasingly noisy and cluttered world. This handbook guides you along the 4 easy steps that make your message memorable and meaningful by harnessing it to the power of story.

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fantasy noir and old-style pulp explode in Hong Kong's seedy, mystical underbelly​

King Wong, the world’s only exoterric consultant and expert on the Otherkind, is down on his luck with a leaky, keep-you-up-at-night shower and a fold-out bed in grungy Kowloon.

So, when an expensive-looking dame from the swanky Mid-Levels offers him a year’s rent to find her missing shady, financial-wizard husband, he takes the case.

Now, he’s tracking down an ancient, Tang-dynasty magic and a buxom, violet-eyed barmaid cult leader in Hong Kong’s seedy, mystical underside with only the help of a hippie girl in dreadlocks and whatever allies he can muster from the mists of Chinese myth

Or is he just making all this mythical stuff up?

A truly well-written, well-crafted novel with something dangerous around every corner.

- Jonas Saul, Author of the Sara Roberts series


a folklore-laden, bluesy trip to the devil's crossroads with bluenotes and hellhounds tripping behind the beat

Wood Sweeney needs to find a way out of the deal he just made with the devil. Or a just way to slay the prince of darkness. He wanted to know who he could have been if he’d done one thing differently, and the devil deal was too tempting to turn down.


And why wouldn’t he be tempted? He’s perfectly dissatisfied at work, he’s been fighting with his wife, and his daughter just got picked up by the police. The grinning devil makes a quick snip-snip life story alteration, and Wood lives a life perfectly forged for his own pleasure. But can he dodge the deals, the devils and the hellhounds?


Stones in My Passway – like the blues it was born of – is a harrowing transcendental journey. Sometimes sexy, sometimes comical, sometimes heart-rending – always enjoyable.

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accidental sex touris


a soulful sex comedy from the bizarre heart of Communist China

(co-written with Tony Phillips)


Rick Shaw is a fish out of water and truly bewildered in the absolute elsewhere of Mainland China.


So, when he meets mystical, Far East sex guru known only to the Chinese as X, he can't help but tag along to learn the ins and outs of life in the land of the dragon.


Now, he's thrown into the sexy backalleys of Changsha, China, passing in and out of increasingly awkward yet arousing encounters with women he can't even converse with. And he thinks he might be falling in love.


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